Room Parents

Room parents are responsible for organizing and conducting the parties in the classroom.

This years party dates: The Halloween Party on October 30th & The Holiday Party on December 18th!

Additional Resposnsibilites:
1. Collecting party money and purchasing any non food related items or supplies for the parties!
2. Contacting parents and dividing up responsibilites for each party!
3. Contacting JB office staff, one week prior to the party, with a list of parents that will be attending the party! This will allow office staff to pre-print name tags to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the party day.
4. Room parents are also responsible for contacting the classroom teacher to determine if there are any special requests/needs to ensure that the party meets the needs of all student the classroom.
5. Set-up and Clean-up at each party.

Room parents for 2015-2016


Mieland AM – Erin Fornelli
Mieland PM – Holly Cleghorn
Ciway – Kristin Fontana

First Grade

Harris – Rachel Leathers & Maura Hirschauer
Parisi – Sheri NIznick & Erika Coughlin
Kuhn – Kathleen Kilburg & Ellen Kohlmeir
Ideran – Naomi Krodel & Danielle Marshall

Second Grade

Welter – Linda Widmer & Jaime Burchner
Walters – Gina Lipscomb & Jake Renteria
Valez – Liz Kline
Camery – Heather Tarmichael

Third Grade

Rivera – Denise Bardol & Jennifer Tuchscherer
Hunter – Tanya Hatewik & Amanda Horne
Hanson – Kristin Winslow

Fourth Grade

Witlshire – Parks Jenna Huber
Avery – Paige Amador
Hett – Rachell Powers & Kathie Domanus

Fifth Grade

Bollow – Tracy Smith
Robinson – Taylor Bode & Andrea Lukas
Skar – Erica Vershaw